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Looking for local artists to collaborate on Starbucks store designs and experiences.

Saroja Arunachalam

Store Design Manager

in Seattle


I am a designer who loves to create business identities. Currently designing a portfolio of cafes for Starbucks Coffee Company.

Let’s talk about the future and how it will manifest.

Kumaran Parthiban

Speculative Architect/Educator

in Los Angeles


I’m a visionary architect and educator, navigating the digital frontier, shaping tomorrow’s aesthetics through digital technology and embracing Gen Z zeitgeist! 

Mapping the cultural richness of Dravidian Urbanism in India and ‘Toekomst' in the Netherlands.

Ganesh Babu


in Rotterdam


I love cities and their idiosyncrasies. My life’s mission is to work towards understanding and documenting the myriad of complex systems that make cities possible while developing sustainable solutions to fixing the most pressing issues facing them.

Interested in generative design, computational geometry, machine learning, new media, and game design.

Shylesh Kumar

Computational Designer

in Catalonia


Armed with extensive experience in architectural sustainability, I channel creativity through innovative technologies, seamlessly integrating parametric 3D modeling and simulation tools into the architectural process.

Currently designing homes at Robbins Architecture.

Samad Vahora

Architectural Designer

in Chicago


I possess the artful prowess to sculpt living spaces into harmonious havens, blending form and function to create residential dreams that transcend mere structures, awakening the essence of home.


Questions that lead to building Smortr

Are you part of the ever-evolving building design community, where your work leaves a lasting impact, and collaboration is key? In this interdisciplinary field, you understand the value of long-term commitments and collaborating with diverse talents.
But here’s the challenge: there is no unified platform to connect all of us, forcing you to juggle multiple platforms. This fragmentation disrupts your workflow and makes collaboration a hassle.


“How long does it take to effectively showcase work and skill sets?”



“Can we foster meaningful connections, potentially leading to collaborations in 3 clicks or less?”



“How many types of building designers can we help showcase their work for different contexts?”


Be a part of the next big thing for buildings